Remaking Your Life

Escaping Family Violence
is Just the Beginning

We help women who have escaped family/domestic violence and feel ‘stuck’ with the emotional and psychological toll that abuse creates.  

7 Steps to Freedom and Healing

There are 7 steps to remaking yourself after abuse.

These steps will allow you to transform your life so you can begin to uncover who you are and how to be.

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You Deserve the Expectation of More,
of the Possibility to Become.

At Remaking Your Life, we support women to remake themselves after experiencing family violence.  

Our practical programs connect clients to peers and to the emotional intelligence (EQ) of their own body, mind and heart. 

We support women to regulate their nervous system, recognise cognitive patterns and to transform their lives.  

This empowerment minimises the long-term impact of family violence for individuals, which is what leads to systemic change - 

Enhancing social EQuity and community EQuality.

Trust Again Video Series

Women who've experienced an abusive relationship often lose trust and faith in themselves, which can feel debilitating.

Lack of self-trust creates self-doubt, affects your self-esteem and your decision making, bringing with it a range of difficult emotions.

Reclaim your power and start building self-trust in this online video series. The Trust Again series will show you exactly what to do to build self-trust - and then remake your life with it.

Have You Experienced an
Abusive Relationship? 

Perhaps the initial crisis has passed,
you're safer now,
things are starting to settle....

BUT you've realised that it's changed you.

If you're wanting to uncover who you are now and how to be, we can provide the support and the tools you need to travel your own path to freedom and healing.

Join our flagship program and

let us remind you how to shine!


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We cover a range of topics including reorienting your life after abuse, domestic violence, women's issues, mental health, feminism and more...

Programs and Events

At Remaking Your Life we aim to have no woman feel lost and alone as they remake their life after experiencing family violence.

So, throughout the year we have a variety of online events for you!

Upcoming Events

TikTok Series

Join Julie as she showcases how to use the Reclaim Your Light techniques, by applying them to her own life!

Embodiment and Somatic Practices

Our Founder

Founder, Julie Blatherwick, is an educator and a professional facilitator. She’s also someone who has put herself back together after the trauma of
family violence.

Julie’s personal experience navigating that
journey, and her struggle to find the right blend
of support informs the innovative work we do to engender change. 

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