About Us

What's in a Name?

The business name, Verdandi-EQ, is inspired by Old Norse mythology, which views the present as a process of becoming.  

Our present actions create a more recent past,
and in turn affects what we become...

It’s a potent perspective that catalyses personal and social transformation with empathy and hope.

Julie's Story

Founder, Julie Blatherwick, is an
educator and a professional facilitator.
She’s also someone who has put herself back together after the trauma of
family violence.

Julie’s personal experience navigating that journey, and her struggle to find the right blend of support informs the innovative work we do to engender change. 

"It’s been just over a decade since I escaped family violence. 
For the first few years I was in survival mode: work, study, single motherhood, just get done what needs to be done.

"Fast forward 5 years and a major incident with my former partner broke me. There had been escalations over the years but this one really knocked me into a dark place, drowning me in the unresolved feelings and emotions of the previous 10 years. 

"But for the next 18 months all I could focus on was keeping my child and myself safe and navigating my way through the Family Law system.  By the time court orders were finalised I was depleted on all levels: emotional, psychological, physical, financial.

"I tried getting help. I went to a counsellor but logically I knew what was going on with me, I understood cognitively what I had been through, plus I struggled to find someone who specialised in family violence AND had the availability to see me.  The counselling I was able to access wasn’t helpful enough for me.

"It got to the point where I desperately needed to move forward, I had had enough of feeling stuck, lost and alone…. 

"I wanted more from my life.  Through research, study as well as some trialling and testing, I managed to find the cognitive, emotional, somatic and psychological tools and techniques that work for me and for others as well.  Through this process I had two revelations:

1.       We deserve better, more. Just escaping or surviving family violence isn’t enough and should be seen as only the beginning.

We deserve the expectation of more,
of the possibility to become.

2.       I don't want anyone else to ever feel like I had: lost and alone as they reorient their life from survival mode towards a brighter future.

…. And so, Reclaim Your Light was born!

Julie's Qualifications and Experience

Julie is passionate about education and training, to ongoing growth and development, both on personal and professional levels.

Julie's experience includes:

Julie's accredited qualifications include:

Other training and education Julie has completed includes:

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