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Embodiment and Somatic Live Sessions on Instagram 

Every Thursday 7pm AEST

Starting Thursday 13th July 2023

When you've experienced family violence or an abusive relationship you most likely have spent most of that time in fight, flight or freeze mode. This can cause your whole system to become overwhelmed or unorganised which can have long term impacts on your life:

These things aren't just in your head though; their also in your body. Trauma affects us psychologically but also physiologically. 

Embodiment and somatic practices help you to cope with raw emotions, modify your defense mechanisms as well as assist in integrating your experiences so that you can move forward in Remaking Your Life.

BUT there are so many different practices out there! AND there is no one 'right' way. There is only what works best for you.

Trying to find what works best for you can be time consuming and expensive.

That's why in our programs we showcase a variety of tools and techniques so you can uncover what works best for you now as well as things you might need in the future.

So, we want to share with you a range of practical embodiment and somatic practices each and every Thursday 7pm AEST on Instagram.