Trust Again
Video Series

Reclaim your power, build self-trust and remake your life with it. 

Video series with Julie Blatherwick, educator and coach with Remaking Your Life.

Reclaim Your Power

Many women who've experienced family violence and abuse find they lose trust and faith in themselves... but it's not as easy as 'just trust yourself'; knowing how-to can seem impossible.

Self-doubt and a lack of self-trust affects your self-esteem and decision making skills, bringing with it a range of difficult emotions such as shame, frustration, helplessness and more.

It's time to reclaim your power. What you need is practical steps on how to build self-trust, and how to use that to feel confident in moving forward and remaking your life.

That's what the Matter of Trust workshop series will do for you. 

You'll Learn:

o   How to reclaim your power after experiencing abuse

o   Practical techniques you can use to confidently trust yourself and your decisions

o   How to head-off self-doubt so you can move forward in remaking your life the way you want it to be

o   Gain a greater sense of self worth by building self-trust

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Introducing Julie

Julie Blatherwick, is an educator and a professional facilitator. She’s also someone who has put herself back together after the trauma of family violence.

A core belief of Julie's is that just escaping or surviving family violence and abuse isn’t enough and should be seen as only the beginning. We deserve the expectation of more, of the possibility to become.

Julie's workshops are filled with the practical tools you need, balanced with empathy and real-world understanding.