Reclaim Your Light

Regain Your Self Esteem, Move On After Abuse and Learn How to Trust Yourself Again

After Abuse You May:

Escaping Family Violence is Just the Beginning.

When you experience that kind of trauma, it’s like the energy is taken from you.

Surviving dims your light.

When women get away from an abusive situation, the world is not suddenly lit with colour or clarity.

It can seem dark, confusing and lonely as the dust settles and you begin to uncover who you are and how to be.

That journey takes time. And, we need support along the way.

The Good News is that the Light is Alive Within You.

Our Community Can Remind You How to Shine.

In our Reclaim Your Light program you'll learn practical tools and gain significant insights that allow you to:

Come Out of the Shadows

We recognise that there is no one way  for women to reorient their life after family violence.

And trying to find your way, the way that works for you can be timely and costly. 

So, with Reclaim your Light we use a range of cognitive, psychological and somatic techniques, all in one place so you can explore what works best for you.

Join us to discover what lights you up...
learn how you can take it back!

The Program

Flipped Learning Approach
This means that each week the 'theoretical' components are delivered via video first and the live sessions are then used to delve deeper into the topics and what they mean for you personally; no having to come back to it later, plus this allows for support in real-time when you need it most!

The Program Includes:


We understand that everyone has different financial obligations.  Money can be something that dims our light especially after family violence.  

So, to help we have 3 different payment options:

Full Price $549

Upfront Discount 5%

Stretch it out for +$15

Check out our T's & C's here

BONUS - Receive 2 Deep Dive Sessions for only $159! (valued at $357)

Register before 10th April 2023* and use the 2 Deep Dive 1-to-1 sessions to:

*By registering for April 2023 Reclaim Your Light (RYL) by 10/4/23, you become eligible for this offer. Even if you don't buy the Deep Dive (DD) sessions now, you can always take this offer up at a later date. DD sessions are approx 90mins. Sessions must be used within 3 months of end of RYL program. Register for RYL now, decide on DD later!


We want all women affected by family violence to have the opportunity to discover what lights them up and to learn how to take it back. 

If you're experiencing financial difficulty but are keen to Reclaim Your Light check out our Scholarships page.

Registration Open again Soon!

Step out of the shadows and Reclaim Your Light...

Like to know more? 


Meet Julie

Founder, Julie Blatherwick, is an experienced educator and a professional facilitator. She’s also someone who has put herself back together after the trauma of family violence.

"It got to the point where I desperately needed to move forward, I had had enough of feeling stuck, lost and alone…. 

"I wanted more from my life.  Through research, study as well as some trialing and testing, I managed to find the cognitive, emotional, somatic and psychological tools and techniques that work for not only for me but for others as well.  Through this process I had two revelations:

1.       We deserve better, more. Just escaping or surviving family violence isn’t enough and should be seen as only the beginning.

We deserve the expectation of more,
of the possibility to become.

2.       I don't want anyone else to ever feel like I had: lost and alone as they reorient their life from survival mode towards a brighter future.

…. And so, Reclaim Your Light was born!


How does Reclaim Your Light differ from other Family Violence Specialist services?

Most support services for women are oriented around crisis; guiding women to physical safety and supporting them with practicalities in the immediate aftermath.

This is vital, but it leaves women at a loss when it comes to recovering from trauma. Women who have experienced family violence need specialist resources to support their nervous system as well as the psychological and emotional, so that they can reorient their lives towards a brighter future.

What techniques does Reclaim Your Light utilise; will they work for me?

We recognise that there is no one way for women to step out of the shadows of shame, guilt and stuckness that often accompany their experiences. So our innovative program utilises cognitive, emotional, somatic and psychological tools and techniques.

Our experienced facilitators offer empathy and real world understanding that guides you to travel your unique path to freedom and healing.

Do I need counselling or Reclaim Your Light?

Our goal is to minimise the long term impacts of family violence by supporting women from the bottom up and top down. Reclaim Your Light can work alongside various talk-therapy services or as a stand alone program depending on what you need, what works for you. 

Some women find that talk-therapy isn’t enough or only helps them so far; Reclaim Your Light offers specialist resources to support your nervous system as well the emotional and psychological, so that you can reorient your life towards a brighter future.

Does it matter how long ago I experienced family violence?

Not at all.  Trauma can take time to emerge, and without tailored support, abused women can remain unaware of how what they’ve experienced continues to impact them – sometimes for years.

Reclaim your Light enables women at any stage to develop emotional safety and to grow their insight and confidence.

What is the course format?

You’ll join a peer community in a 12 week trauma informed program of blended online learning, connection and professional support.

Each week a series of bite-sized videos are released to our private Facebook social learning group. There are usually 4-7 videos for you to watch prior to the group live session which is facilitated a few days later.

The live sessions are facilitated via Google Meet.  These are a great opportunity to explore the week’s lessons in the context of your own life, with the added support of our facilitators and your peers.  Plus, you’ll receive additional resources, tools and techniques not covered in the videos. Live session duration is 1.5-2hours.

How do I access the program?

Depending on which payment option you select, once we receive your deposit or full up-front payment, we’ll send you a link to our Reclaim your Light LMS website plus our private Facebook group - great way for the group to connect in between the live group sessions. 

The live group sessions are facilitated through Google Meet – you don’t need a google account if you are accessing the sessions via desktop or laptop.

Not sure about being in a group?

Being part of a peer community is invaluable.  Whilst everyone’s story and experiences are different there is something reassuring about knowing you aren’t alone, that others have experienced something perhaps similar and have their struggles with it as well.  The support and connection to others as well as the social learning that a group can provide often plays a vital role in reorienting your life to a brighter future.  

However, there is no pressure to share more than you want to – you are in control of that every step of the way.

Have a question we haven’t answered here?

We know how important it is to find the right-for-you specialised help and support when reorienting your life after family violence. We are here to answer any of your questions; please don’t hesitate to send us a message or call us on +61 405 033 998.

Header photo by Guilherme Stecanella on Unsplash