Escaping family violence is just the beginning.

Most support services for women are oriented around crisis; guiding women to physical safety and supporting them with practicalities in the immediate aftermath.

This is vital, but it leaves women at a loss when it comes to recovering from trauma. 

Women who have experienced family violence need specialist resources that also support their nervous system, so they can reorient their lives towards a brighter future.

Two women sit in a private conversation whilst one takes notes in a notebook. Symbolises services provided
Woman sits with head in hands, eyes closed, deep in thought or praying

Trauma can take time to emerge, and without tailored support, abused women can remain unaware of how what they’ve experienced continues to impact them – sometimes for years.

Reclaim your Light enables women at any stage to develop emotional safety and to grow their insight and confidence. 

They join a peer community in a 10 week trauma informed program of blended online learning, connection and professional support.

Our goal is to minimise the long term impacts of family violence by supporting women from the bottom up and top down.

We recognise that there is no one way for women to step out of the shadows of shame, guilt and stuckness that often accompany their experiences. So our innovative program utilises cognitive, emotional, somatic and psychological tools and techniques.

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Julie is an experienced facilitator who offers empathy and real world understanding that guides women to travel their unique path to freedom and healing.

Reclaim your Light harnesses our unique SEEC framework that provides women with a toolkit to understand the Self, Emotions, Empowerment and Connection. 

We shine a light on their possibility to become.

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