Money can be something that dims our light, especially during and after family violence.

Many women are affected by the gender pay gap. However when you've escaped family violence you may also be trying to reorient your life after experiencing financial abuse, have a diminished capacity to earn enough income, or accumulated an STD -
Sexually Transmitted DEBT...

A lack of financial resources or just plain old cash flow problems can severely hinder your ability to access the support you need and deserve.

We want all women affected by family violence to have the opportunity to discover what lights them up and learn how to take it back.  

So here at Verdandi-EQ we have made a commitment to allocate 2 scholarship places in every program we run.

That means no fees, no payments for 2 women in need, every program.

It's a way for us to give back. A way to say we understand. Another way for us to try and fulfil our mission of supporting women to reorient their lives after escaping family violence.

If you're experiencing financial difficulty but want to Reclaim Your Light

Please don't ever hesitate to reach out, shine a light on your situation and apply for a scholarship today!

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