TFT (Tapping)

Shift those emotions that won't budge, improve your ability to cope and create lasting change.

Sometimes you can mentally, logically, know what is happening for you and what you need to do to move forward but you're stuck grappling with big emotions, filled with self-doubt, or just feeling like you can't do it. This 'stuckness' can greatly hinder your progress in remaking your life.

'Stuckness' occurs because our emotions don't just reside in our head; there are physical sensations that we feel too

Working on your emotional world in a mental or cognitive way isn't enough; you need to work on them somatically as well. 

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TFT (Thought Field Therapy) is a modality which utilises tapping on accupressure points in a specific sequence for the alleviation of emotional distress. The sequence varies depending on the type of emotion that is being addressed which means we use a tailored approach that is just right for you. 

TFT can help you to move through raw emotions such as anger, shame, fear, sadness, anxiety and more. It can help improve your coping skills and assist in moving on with remaking your life and creating lasting change.

TFT Appointments

TFT appointments are conducted online. Each appointment includes:

Appointments are 1 hour in length and available on Tuesdays and Wednesdays*.

Sessions are $119 (AUD).

*Please contact me if you require a different day - I'll do my best to accommodate!
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Meet Julie

Julie is an experienced EFT/TFT practitioner who has achieved amazing results with her clients both 1 on 1 as well as part of her Reclaim Your Light group program. 

As a survivor of family violence Julie has real world understanding of the issues that arise when remaking your life after abuse.

Julie is passionate about supporting women on their own unique path to freedom and healing. She is also passionate about the importance of somatic modalities as part of that process.

Studies show TFT achieves results through balancing the autonomic nervous system. 

When investigating different treatments modalities for PTSD including TFT, EMDR, TIR (Traumatic Incident Reduction) and VKD (Visual Kinesthetic Dissociation) it was found that TFT showed the most improvement of symptoms as well as lasting ability. 

TFT can be used by itself or in conjunction with other therapies and modalities. 

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